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Chakra Prayer Flags - 7 Leaf

Chakra Prayer Flags - 7 Leaf

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Our chakra prayer flags make the perfect gift for someone you care about or to support your spiritual practice.

These horizontal 7 leaf chakra prayer flags have been handmade by artisans in Nepal using a traditional woodblock print method. Each one is guaranteed to be Fair Trade made.

Chakras are part of the earliest Hindu philosophies and religious practices and represent 7 focal points in the body used during meditation visualisation. They are integral to kundalini yoga which focuses on manipulating the flow of energy through the chakras. They are also central to Tibetan Buddhism especially tantric practices.

The seven chakras are:

  1. Muladhara or base chakra (red).
  2. Svadhishthana or sexual organs (orange).
  3. Manipura or abdomen/navel (yellow).
  4. Anahata or heart (green).
  5. Vishuddha or throat (blue).
  6. Ajna or between the eyebrows (indigo).
  7. Sahasrara or crown (violet).
Our prayer flags are:
  • Guaranteed to be Fair Trade (unlike most other prayer flags).
  • Hand block printed in Kathmandu.
  • Made without child labour or slavery.
  • Made from a durable and weather-resistant cotton-poly blend.
  • Prayer flag comprises 7 leaves (or panels) in total. Dimensions of each flag is 5.5cm x 19cm with a total length around 1.35 metres.

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